@nigel hey there… do you know who are the good solar installers locally? I’m getting increasingly interested — less for the payback (we use less than 8000 units per year now) and more for the doing the right thing aspect.

@dubh I don’t really know. It’s been a long time since we had our panels installed, and that company went bust a couple of weeks later.

I’d probably have a chat with Harrison’s, they installed our battery. But I suspect that are. It cheap.

Shop around is my advice.

@nigel cool thanks! I like the idea of batteries too but it seems they’d only give you a few hours off grid at best, unless you install several.

@dubh when you have solar panels, they can be charged twice a day. Once during daylight hours, and then after midnight when energy prices are lower.

Allows us two avoid the two peak periods - early evening and the morning.

@nigel good point, they’re great for that and not just the usual “what if the power goes off” scenario…

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