Breath of the Wild is soooooo biiiiiig. I’m going to be in here long past any reasonable boredom threshold; I’m not adept at gaming.

@dubh Here's the best advice I can give you: do NOT try to get everything. It wasn't made with that mindset in mind. Just do what you want when you want to.

@witchfynder_finder Thanks! Yeah, I read somewhere there are 90 shrines & 900 koroks — too many! But also, I prefer running away from enemies; I’m not a big fan of the fighting so I will be inching towards the end with that in mind.

@dubh Yeah the game is absolutely FULL of things to do not so that you have Infinite Content but so that no matter where you go, you will end up stumbling on something fun and interesting. Once you beat the final boss the game gives you a completion percentage and I'm pretty sure mine was like 30% and that was after dozens and dozens of hours. Just take your time with it and find how you want to play; it's really wide and accommodates a lot of playstyles.

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