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Moving to now is tapering to a close.

Thanks to @chr for all the good times and hard work, running an instance is massive and only getting bigger.

Tickets for Dune: secured. (It’s only just arrived in our country, so booking seats at what may be our nation’s BIGGEST screen. hey there… do you know who are the good solar installers locally? I’m getting increasingly interested — less for the payback (we use less than 8000 units per year now) and more for the doing the right thing aspect.

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Boost this post, I want to know how far this post goes.

Ok so there’s a new iOS only photography sharing app called and it’s

1) no ads
2) no algorithms but
3) you gotta pay $30US per annum after a 14 days trial.

I can only find boring white guys like me on it right now, I’d love to find more interesting stuff from more diverse people.

I feel this is likely related to 2) and 3) above plus it’s still chaining out via invite from those already on it.

Related: I have three invites to share if anyone wants to try it.

Harrow the Ninth is... unexpected... but the reviews indicate that persistence is rewarded...

I have been sucked in by the irrepressible niceness of Ted Lasso. It’s just great TV for these times.


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