Harrow the Ninth is... unexpected... but the reviews indicate that persistence is rewarded...

I have been sucked in by the irrepressible niceness of Ted Lasso. It’s just great TV for these times.

Trump’s tactical error was to get the Supreme Court stacked BEFORE the election. By delaying the appointment until after the election the GOP establishment would be fighting a lot harder for him right now.

But today: he’s yesterday’s man: the GOP already have what they want, and they’re now free to push someone more palatable, dangerous, and competent for 2024 knowing there’s a 70 million-strong constituency for Trumpism.

America is still as screwed up as ever, and collectively humanity is little closer to solving the very real problems facing us. What we do know now is that solutions aren’t coming from America anytime soon, and the rest of us will need to lead the way.

New Nothing album on high rotate. Maybe it’s a little too ‘90s derivative but perhaps that’s my comfort blanket right now.


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