Never heard her grandparents laugh so much when R. convinced them to do Just Dance with her.

Breath of the Wild is soooooo biiiiiig. I’m going to be in here long past any reasonable boredom threshold; I’m not adept at gaming.

Gathadair relayed

Apollo computer core rope memory is trending!!!

I hope nothing bad happened to it

Edit: The core rope control logic had Integrated Circuits, some of the first ever made!

…aaaannnddd we’re done. Quite the ride; though it’s not quite as good as the first two, and annoying major subplot annoys.

Related: taking the day off to binge it with my daughter FTW.

Up to ep7 of ST-III. It’s good, but a major subplot is unnecessary and detracts from the story. I feel a whiny fan recut attempt coming on.

Was very afeared at tax filing time here but it turns out that, after some calculations, they owe ME $0.45. Drinks all round (I’ll pour you a water).


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