Alexa integrations have failed me once too often, so back to Siri, the slightly inadequate devil I already know.

You get a sense of the horror of the Australian bushfires when you wake up in the morning, 2,000km away across the sea, but yet there’s smoke everywhere, visibility is down to about 10km, there’s a sick yellow tinge to the light and the air smells of burning.

Using, accidentally faving stuff.

Sayonara Wild Hearts is pretty trippy but also awesome. Probably would play better with a controller.

When you, an easily amused and somewhat vanilla person, are browsing AliExpress and tap on a random OMGWTF item and now your suggestions are about 50% camel toe inserts

I continue to mystified by Nightmare Farm. I can visit other people’s farms!

The new series of Midnight Diner has arrived on Netflix. Absolutely wonderful 22 minute stories of people and food and a diner that opens only at midnight.


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