We got a Christmas Card! In the post! Unreal. But then we do send 29 to 30 out each year, so occasional payback is good.

Dimmer were SUPER loud. Not heard them before as a full band, only acoustic. Walls of sound, intense.

There’s hardly anyone under 40 at this gig. And the merch features a tea towel. We’re truly into legacy act gigs now, here at The Straitjacket Fits.

Gathadair relayed

No one is exempt from the terror of reality. Some are just better at hiding it. This has never been a world we could ever hope to walk alone. Not a single soul is strong enough to make it without a helping hand. Kindness. It is all we have ever had.

Like, _Summertime Sadness_ would be a f••king documentary right now except that it's dark and an unusually cold storm is outside, so Summer is postponed.

Currently in Sentimental Dad mode with Lana dR on repeat - my daughter's music; she's away at the moment and she's going to be at University all next year and the feels are surprisingly intense.

Wow. Just opened a Transferwise borderless account; gives me a domestic account number in multiple countries. I work in this sort of stuff and this unreasonably excites me. Hopefully I can get a debit card soon and then I can ditch my Australian bank account.

One of the aforementioned big bois has left a big turd on our deck railing; but it looks like there’s a karaka seed in it so I feel this is a little gift that I should plant.

I’m currently reading Lavie Tidhar’s _Central Station_. As a massive Cordwainer Smith fan I am completely in love with this book. The episodic prose with its fourth wall breaches, occasional outbreaks of poetry, and callbacks both to ancient storytelling styles and some of the ancient stories themselves both of legend & SF is, I am finding, pretty much unputdownable.

Nice out there, but humid: had to take the headphones off walking over Te Ahumairangi (the hill at my back in this view) because it was getting too hot under there… cybre.space/media/EoV1hf4Aa0y8

In New Zealand, we prefer our comms gear to be backdoored by the USA, not China, thank you very much.

And while I'm here just randomly tooting stuff: Masto seems a real hive of Pokemon enthusiasts (he says, as he's about to tick over into L37 PoGo sometime tomorrow).

What I really want to know is: When will Fazerdaze be back? I so love her music and the gig we went to was just great, quite a different crowd than the usual and a really nice performance too.

Meanwhile, our cherry tree is host to these big bois, clambering around, pigging out, snapping branches, careless enough and unafraid that I can get close with my phone and snap them...

Two gigs in December! My contemporaries (almost) The Straitjacket Fits, and then those nice young The Beths. I've been a few years away from regular gig attendance, but now the kids are pretty much self-sufficient in the evenings we can get out lots more.

I need exercise but I’m feeling too lazy to be bothered.

I'm pretty sure @muppetbutler will already have seen this: but - a Mystery Of Nature is revealed: bbc.com/news/world-australia-4

If only FastMail's web service had rsync or similar I'd be completely happy.

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