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I've put up a new web site for Seattle FnB. If anyone wants to join us, we're at Occidental Park every Sunday at 4:30pm

#seattle #vegan

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Here's an article I wrote for Linux Magazine about the programs you can use to access Mastodon from your desktop, phone or wherever. Hope I didn't forget any!
Ahí va un artículo que escribí para Linux Magazine sobre el Mastodon. Cubre los programas que puedes utilizar para acceder al fediverso, desde tu portátil, desde el teléfono, desde donde sea:

I'm in LA for a conference. I was not prepared to like it as much as I am. What I expected: traffic. What I see: nice weather and a hotel on the water by the beach. Much vibe. Very dig.

The mountain was out. 6 months in and so far the gloomy winter hasn't hit.

Wow. It's been a while. Got sick of twitter again. Nice to be back. Did I miss anything?

Been a while since I posted. Here's some more from weekend mountain meandering.

I needed to export my amazon cart to csv and couldn't find an easy way to do it so I made a bookmarklet.

Welp, I bought a yurt and 3 acres. I'm considering naming it "The stedding".

No joke: I'm considering living in a yurt. Specifically this one. Anyone have any experiences for or against?

Today I'm learning about multipath TCP and it's awesome! I've been running an anycast network for years and had no idea this existed.

Was offline for a bit, what the fuck happened to you all? It's like the zombie virus from twitter just broke quarantine and my timeline is all world war Z.

corporate spying 

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At a conference with coworkers, deploying a major new service at midnight, we're all sort of lit. As is tradition.

But the vodka sure is good with allspice.


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