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no one asked but im gonna start liking my own toots from now cuz i gotta be my own hype man before anyone else is

This guy from Shadow and Bone looks too much like Varun Dhawan

My mom after I shout at her to leave after her always being in my room and not giving me person space:- PERSONAL space chahiye to PERSONAL ghar lelo warna chup raho


Temtem is the only game that I've bought for less and it now costs more lmao pehli baar accha investment

I'm tired of the monotony of life at home

yo what was it like having the legendary Morgan Freeman as your dad in Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Finally got a chance to watch Fleabag, and I realise what I'd been missing out on

"When the Tasmanian Devil goes in the hurricane thing, do you have to like name the hurricane each time he does that?" - Dave Skylark to Iggy Azalea

Can someone find me edits on Jasleen Royal's cover of Chidiya cuz that is fucking beautiful

JGU Elective bidding is like a giant game of musical chairs

Entrepreneurs:- how do I sell the same thing twice

Haldiram:- hold my beer

Galantis:- talks about heartbreak the entire song, names the song "Heartbreak Anthem"

Also Galantis in the drop:- This ain't a heartbreak anthem

We reallly really need a viable chromium substitute other than firefox. Looking forward to what these guys come up with

Sylvie is the new Star Lord, stabbing/punching people for her personal vendetta instead of chilling out for the sake of the ENTIRE universe and ALL of time

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