If anyone else has ever seen The Red Green Show, I'd really appreciate it if you knew of anything out there similar to his Handyman Corner segments. I've watched all 300 episodes and wish there was more content like that.

It was quite the experience in a dark room with headphones, *almost* makes me want to invest into some kind of VR device

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Gave in and bought Tetris Effect now that it's on Switch. I think this might be my new favorite version of Tetris

I used to read Umair years ago, he was a bit messy and full of extrapolations and non sequiturs but he presents the coming age well here: eand.co/why-everything-is-sudd via @felix

Today I learned: Thingiverse are scanning for Amazon URLs, strip out the affiliate code, and replace it with their own affiliate tag.

Sorry Thingiverse, but you're an asshole.

Ok, I have an idea but I'll need help. Let's connect the world's biggest privacy people/orgas. I think it makes no sense to just push privacy in europe, if a lot of players are outside of it. If i look at some channels/recommendations in other countries, they are were we were years ago - not even using the fediverse.
So the "plan" let's create a list with all orgas/privacy "influencers" (what a bad word for it) worldwide and connect them:
# privacy #help #followerpower

Apple Music could soon let you listen to ad-free music streams for just $5 per song

Thinking about getting a GTX 1060 6GB. It'd be a nice upgrade from my Quadro K2200. Looking on eBay and these prices are trash, but oddly enough Facebook (blarg) Marketplace seems to have some decent deals.

And here we are. Disroot has just become 6 years old! Happy birthday everyone!
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