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git pro tip 

@darius Yes! One of my faves, which means I've been bitten by an important nuance:

-S will not find diffs that only *modify* lines involving that variable, because it shows diffs that "change the number of occurrences of the specified string".

If you want to find those cases, you want `git log -G` instead, since it returns "differences whose patch text contains added/removed lines that match".

Heads up that -G takes a regex vs -S taking a substring (altho you can make -S regex with --pickaxe-regex). Fortunately they're right next to each other in `git help log`, which actually has a nice little example showing the difference between the two as well.

git pro tip 

`git log -S some_variable_name` returns all commits where `some_variable_name` is in the diff (either removed, added, or modified)

super useful for tracking down regressions where you know the variable that's the culprit

And the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase is live now:
You have my personal guarantee that every single one of these 100+ puzzle games is a gem

Today we had our second Draknek Direct presentation, covering SO MANY things we've been up to.
Check it out:

Also tomorrow: check out our Draknek Direct presentation for basically a year's worth of exciting announcements about what we've been working on
9AM PDT, Thursday May 19

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👀 There is now a demo for Sokobond Express available on Steam
Just in time for the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase which starts tomorrow!

I'm delighted to announce the Draknek New Voices Puzzle Grant - grants of $20k or $5k for puzzle game creators from under-invested-in groups, including mentorship in collaboration with
Astra Games
Applications open until July 3

2) We're kicking off the event with our second annual Draknek Direct mini conference. The Direct will be jam-packed with announcements so be sure to tune in at 9am PDT/12pm EDT/5pm BST on May 19:

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A couple of exciting announcements:
1) Cerebral Puzzle Showcase is coming to Steam May 19-23.
Expect discounts on over 100 great puzzle games, streams from some of our favorite streamers, demos for unreleased games, and more!

@Chronotope @darius Told a class once, there are some classes of software problem where you only have two choices; you dedicate your life to them, or you exclusively use tools made by people who have dedicated their lives to to them. Every other option is a road to madness and agony.

Rampster! is a great puzzlescript game made by Patty from the Thinky Puzzle Games discord
Really strong level design! Warning: level 9 is sneaky

@Alexmay I feel like "do I enjoy this" is more important than "am I good at this". Do it long enough and you'll get good

@Alexmay This sounds very familiar to me. My response (which may not be appealing/feasible for others) was to stop being a programmer and focus on design/direction.

tech moaning 

@Cheeseness I have a great build script actually, the trouble is all the stuff outside the build script that has either broken for no good reason or needs setting up on a new computer

tech moaning 

My favourite thing in the world is re-learning how to set up a build system I last used a year ago, on a new computer

I forget to use Mastodon but hey I released a very good puzzle game today - my first time publishing someone else's game!

A Monster's Expedition is coming NEXT WEEK, September 10th!
Launch trailer:
Wishlist on Steam:

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