This came up at lunch: if you make a game with a small team (say less than 10 people), I believe you have a moral duty to make sure everyone who worked on it gets some kind of rev share.

@michel I think for bigger teams the moral imperative isn't much different, but the logistics become harder - small teams is where it's both clearly right and clearly doable

@draknek hard part for me is going to be figuring out the appropriate percentage. Like what are sound effects worth, 0.25%?

@draknek "Ah but our studio would've gone under if we'd done that" - you kind of created a studio to accrue wealth on the backs of others, then? this is why i flinch at the term "artist-entrepreneur". so much of the prosperity "indie" has created is illusory.

@draknek @jplebreton I think if you make anything with anyone, there is a moral duty to revenue share regardless of what it is and who is doing it

I think ideally you'd also share some of that revenue back to open source projects you're relying on as well, like if hypothetically you made a wildly popular game based on throwing birds at castles using an open source physics engine

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