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I'm Alan and I make thinky puzzle games.
A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build:
Cosmic Express:
I'm working on a new game and sometimes I'll post screenshots of the evolving world map here.

Why is everyone on Melbourne public transport playing Ludo? How is that the new thing?

Annoyed that I spent a week househunting and not being impressed with the options, and only then did I find that there's a good Facebook group that doesn't have "house" or "rent" or "Melbourne" in the name :/

I'm now in sunny Melbourne! 🌧
Looking for somewhere to stay until mid-January if you know someone with a spare room or if you're going on holiday and want an Alan in your house while you're gone.

For my Patreon backers I posted a list of everything I played/watched in September:

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Who are your favourite women/non-binary/trans/PoC game composers/audio designers? I want to expand my rolodex.

Mark has been making a PuzzleScript game everyday for the last 87 days. He's now finished up. Such an impressive effort. Really inspiring.

I saw two films recently which were very silly and by all accounts shouldn't work but are surprisingly good:
* The Divine Move, a Korean revenge/action film about Go.
* Game Night, a comedy/action film nominally about a boardgame night.

My juggling balls got snatched by New Zealand biosecurity, so I guess it's now official that I don't really juggle any more.

I always have lots of things to do, but if I put them in a list the size of the list is intimidating and I don't want to look at it. So instead I don't put them into lists and forget to do some of them. What's the solution here?

24 hours before getting on my flight to New Zealand, I am finally sending my "hey I'll be in New Zealand soon" messages. I am good at this.

Hey southern hemisphere friends, I'll be visiting New Zealand and Australia again very soon!
Wellington: Sep 24ish to Oct 12ish (and Auckland for some time either side)
Melbourne: Oct 16 to either late November or mid January
Looking for short-term sublets in both cities if you know anyone with a spare room.

I'm watching someone play Spiderman, and it's such a videogame :(

This came up at lunch: if you make a game with a small team (say less than 10 people), I believe you have a moral duty to make sure everyone who worked on it gets some kind of rev share.

A good thing about living out of a backpack is being able to be very confident that you've not lost something/left it behind.
Today: couldn't find my Canadian cash but it turns out it was in my toiletries bag.

If I was funny I'd wrap this in some kind of meme but as it is you have to settle for my unfiltered thoughts.

Thinking about how silly it is to call a tram a "streetcar". We already have a word for cars that go on streets: it's called a car!!! If anything they should be called streettrains.

is the first festival I've been to where people are giving out free socks.

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