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I'm Alan and I make thinky puzzle games.
A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build:
Cosmic Express:
I'm working on a new game and sometimes I'll post screenshots of the evolving world map here.

I forget to use Mastodon but hey I released a very good puzzle game today - my first time publishing someone else's game!

A Monster's Expedition is coming NEXT WEEK, September 10th!
Launch trailer:
Wishlist on Steam:

Thing is, the "diversity award" is not an award, oh no. There's a $15000 "prize", but the check is stapled to a Humble publishing contract. They're not "helping new talents" as much as buying themselves a cheap game from a (hopefully) promising brand. Can I get a "fuck yeah, exploitation of minorities" going in the chat?

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I've been watching the show Patriot. It's a slow burn but delightful - comedically competent spy in a world where everything goes wrong around him

For folks who want something Patreon-esque but don't want to deal with Patreon and its various issues, this new alternative might be worth looking into:

It seems to be a middleware API that lets you handle your own payments and manage the communications/perks/levels yourself.

Right now I am not in a situation where I need/want to look into this further but others might want to.

uhhhhh what the fuck why is korg kaosillator on Android free right now??

go fucking grab it, it's normally £18

Announcing: A Monster's Expedition, an open world puzzle adventure from Draknek & Friends:

Coming soon to Steam, itch, and more

Please boost, wishlist on Steam, and sign up to the mailing list on

I'm leaning towards staying in London for another few months. Actively looking for a sublet from end of November until late February, or some part of that time - please let me know if you hear of anything!

"Rollercoaster" was a type-in BASIC adventure game published in Creative Computing that required a laserdisc player hooked up to your Apple 2. It used stills and scenes from the movie of the same name to illustrate events in the game.

If you make games of any kind you should put a submission in here for the thing I run:

Most importantly, you don't have to be present at the show itself if you can send a PC build.

Leftfield shows anything from weird prototypes and art projects to commercial indie games. It says the deadline is today, but tbh, it's the weekend and a bank holiday, so I'm not going to be looking until Tuesday 👀

New game: Splitting Headache
Made for the GMTK jam 2019
Core mechanic inspired by Halting Problem by Terry Cavanagh

thinking about gdc already 

GDC indie hostel is more expensive every year :(
And now seems to require a deposit, so it's less smart to book a 4-bed room and find people to share later

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