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the best part about having robot friends is that we can converse in beeps

when someone opens a pr for something you literally just fixed but you accept it anyway to be polite

me: alexa. open me up a tab on ... sunsets with the sun airbrushed out

cylinder: this is Google Home Cylinder. I'm afraid that your credit rating is too low. im projecting a QR code onto the ceiling. pay 0.000008 bitcoins onto the QR code. using your mind

me: what the fuck. thats more than the GDPR of the world. i mean the GDP of the world!!! the gross domestic pr--

cylinder: look pal, you g

i dont know where the fuck im even going with this toot? what narrative even is this

i sent myself a single message with the text "i" from the fucker account and it got captcha locked

y-you gotta help me get ready for my date with undyne morty!!!!!!!!

flowey from undertale w/ pickle rick face. good morning and welcome to hell

astra made this but needed my slightly higher char limit to post it


progress is being made, hopefully we'll be ready for this stupid webpack update when it hits stable

knuckle tats FING ERS

the last digit just has a smiley face on it

i still cant believe webgl exists

it's 6 am and I'm having terrible intrusive ideas about implementing DOM server-side