Me watching other people chop with kitchen knives: 👀 😱😩💀
Me chopping in my own kitchen: 💃💨🪓

It’s never a bad time to listen to Tortoise’s Beacons of Ancestorship again. 🎵

I’m not sure when this happened, but the media controls in Windows 10 suddenly seem to work with Firefox. It’s a small thing, but it’s so nice that I can pause/play or change tracks/volume from the keyboard or trackpad while I’m streaming music or video.

Having finished the book, I can strongly recommend Subprime Attention Crisis by Tim Hwang 📚. Though maybe the folks here on are the proverbial choir :)

delight: look up while you're walking and see the path. look up again and see the sky.: floating-beyond-56119.herokuap

My choice of light reading to distract me from the election: Subprime Attention Crisis by Tim Hwang 📚

Halloween was epidemiologically unsound long before any pandemic… At the beginning of flu season each year, let’s have every child in the neighborhood, no matter how sick, walk to everybody’s house, and touch a bunch of things.

I’ve been listening to Songs by Adrianne Lenker - it’s better each time I listen to it. 🎵

Good accompaniment to making some jam, applesauce, and roasted squash.

I love making granola flavors that nobody would ever sell; today’s batch was pumpkin, chia, and flax seed with dried Asian pear, sun butter, and maple syrup. Basically using up pantry items but it’s really quite good.

This article wonderfully explains why vim is so appealling:

I hadn’t considered how composability is the unifying theme that binds most of my favorite software, but it seems obvious now that it’s been stated. To me, t...

If I had known how easy it is to back up Google Drive and other cloud services to a Synology NAS, I would have purchased one years ago! They even do a thing where they convert docs to MS Office equivalents, which is crucial.

I had to
laugh at the phrase “LARP security”, and I’m definitely guilty as charged.

But I also got my family to use Signal, which hopefully counts for something!

Stop Using Encrypted Email Latacora

my dog and i share a glucosamine supplement, truly i am living a modern life.

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