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the critics attempt to convince me that i can't possibly survive being knocked on my ass by the never ending spigot of internet content flushing over my entire body but i assure them that this isn't the first time i've tried this as i open my mouth wider because someone just remixed the space jam song but with the vocals of all-star but it's in an odd time signature now and the drums are played by phil collins

internet of things blasted onto my naked skin as i scream at bystanders to step back because they're leeching off my connection and can install their own damn series of high pressure fluid tubes if they want to be pressure washed by the internet content barons

converting the 1s and 0s into blue and red liquids sprayed onto me at high velocity so I can be blasted by your shitposts and really feel the internet soak me to the bones

ice water or iced water
ice tea or iced tea

mh negative 

cyber-security, mastodon, complaint 

getting my Trash can and my home folder confused because my user is trash@dumpster

@dogoken vi keys won't work. i need to actually send arrow key inputs to certain programs.

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i have a keyboard with no arrow keys.
is there a clever solution to this that isn't another keyboard or AutoHotkey since some dumbasses issue game bans for even having AHK running


Ogo relayed

finally watched the star wars holiday special all the way through, thanks to some good people here on mastodon.
it was a nightmare we all shared.

start your 24th off right by gesturing and shouting flirts at europa

Auto-play animated gifs was using 30% of my CPU to display all the animated avatars.
I have no idea why it's using that much but remember that you can turn auto-play off in your mastodon preferences, though it'll mess with emoji too.

feelin like a jerk, see you tomorrow cybre.

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