hope people are doing whatever they're doing today
keep doing :cool_rainbow:

not directed at anyone specific:
please CW politics

@notwa i had a messaging app with that feature but 50% of the time it'd just send the message immediately when I hit the Queue button. 3am gambling on a coin toss.

@em your unsubscribe notification has been received.

here is your final notification: a spork is a combination of spear and fork, often used by farmers and angry villagers

@em thank you. here are your lucky numbers: 69 420 8008 867 5309

would you like to be notified again?

sexy words 

@em i have a notification for you please notify me that you would like to be notified

What if we put Mario's head on top of Beavis' body! 

music talk 

Ogo relayed

What if we put Commander Keen's head on top of Professor Oak's body! 

@popefucker woo them with many exquisite yarns from dick karn's yarn barn newly re-opened after the darn yarn barn fire burned karn's whole darn barn dowrn, y'allrn

-, nintendo 

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