hope people are doing whatever they're doing today
keep doing :cool_rainbow:

not directed at anyone specific:
please CW politics

Ogo relayed

What if we put Commander Keen's head on top of Professor Oak's body! 

-, nintendo 

mh- worries, anxiety, CW talk 

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mh- worries, anxiety, CW talk 

fUck the sewer system! down with plumbing!

mastodon complaint, mildly angry 

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mastodon complaint, mildly angry 

can anyone tell me how to play new super mario odyssey switch on my amazon rubber band box?
like can i softmod my aws instance with some symbolic link hotswapping and a corrupted .vimrc sideload?

i don't like mcdonald's. dumb patriotism joke. 

hey every company that produces a product with perforated lines to "open here" or fold or punch or tear

you need to make those perforations way better because only like 1 out of 50 tries does it go correctly and not destroy the packaging around the perforations rather than the intended spot

i'm all of burt's bees
don't tell noone

linux, mostly joking complaint, cybre character limit 

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