My position on content warnings ever since we added them:

Use them however you like yourself. Never tell anyone else what they should and shouldn't CW; if you don't like how they use/don't use them, unfollow/mute.

@Gargron not so sure about that last part, I think it's perfectly ok to ask someone to CW something in the future

@balrogboogie Perhaps I should have used the word "dictate", but there are definitely obnoxious ways to ask, and the point is that it's your feed and nobody's forcing anyone to read it if they don't like it.

@Gargron ok, that makes more sense. And I agree, there is asking and there is dictating, and if you can you should definitely avoid doing the latter

@balrogboogie Liiiike you have your own audience, you don't have to adjust to every single person who comes along with a demand. If you're a journalist or political activist and all you talk about is news/politics there's little point in insisting you tag your news/politics posts, people who follow you follow you *for* that shit

@Gargron I sort-of agree with that, but if you're gonna post a lot of without a CW that probably should be behind a CW, I think you should at least post them such that they don't end up in the federated TL

@balrogboogie @gargron yeah my issue with this is Local/Federated TLs, and boosts. A lot of people are less strict with boosting non-CW’d content than with their own CW usage. This would be somewhat mitigated by the ability to add CWs to boosts.

CW discourse again 

CW discourse again 

CW discourse again 

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