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this was the immediate aftermath

it happened the moment we stuck a stir rod in to try to keep the bubbles from exploding.


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The internals are a huge mess after a constant succession of overhauls and revisions. They don't look like this anymore, because the circuit board has been replaced with an even smaller version that just uses an LM324 as an instrumentation amp + LED driver, but this is the general idea.

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So! We made a thingie.
This is the Fluora Electromagnetic Ear, which simply amplifies oscillations in magnetic fields and allows you to hear them as sound through an earpiece. The housing is absurdly extra and was made mostly as a technical study in artistic wood shop fabrication.

silly electrical project video 

it seems to be working

oops! we forgot to add the cool photograph we went to all the trouble to take.
It's posted there now.

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Pine64 wiki:
"Some Pinebook Pro chassis have 2 microphone labeled holes. Only the right hole is populated with a microphone."

Our unit: :thinktink:

the video never mentions why the reactor CO monitor is reading "-3 ppm" :thojne:

the lyric handwashing meme 

so that generator is bad and won't let you adjust how the lyrics are mapped, but we just had to make this bc the second verse of this song is the most relatable passage we have ever heard in a song
so here you go, we made it the hard way

shitty tech news 

okay. so.
- yes
- that is literally how heart rate monitors work. that's the whole thing
- this is not even slightly new, fuck your shitty journalism

stack exchange being generally frightful 

Stack Exchange "hot network questions" are always having the normalest possible one

the original looks like this

our dynamic range may have been unnecessarily high, haha,

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of course, we couldn't have you thinking that we don't know how to operate the focus wheel on our camera lens

especially to set it to infinity

so here's this

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weeeeehhell you know what they say,

shoot for the moon;
if you miss, you'll get a photo that looks something like this one

this amazign genious brain connector housing has a fake stress relief

well, this only took
[checks timestamps]
nearly an hour?!

adhd hyperfocus is fuckin wild

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