why do the Orange Pi boards have onboard microphones but no line audio input

wouldn't line-in be so much more useful,

the Orange Pi boards still seem like kind of a mess

they're a cute mess, but a mess all the same

there are SO MANY of them too
like whoever designs them must be so damn busy all the time

oh huh, the Orange Pi Zero LTS shows a mic pin on one of its headers. maybe that's the thing?

would be nice if the boards just had a TRRS jack, but a header pin might be easier to work with in a lot of cases

@Skirmisher we still think the Orange Pi boards are like the single-board computer equivalent of a Hieronymus Bosch scene

@diodelass @Skirmisher that is certainly an interesting specimen…
The main reason I'd steer clear of it though is the three letters: "MTK"
The Allwinner based stuff is somewhat sane in terms of Linux kernel and such.
BTW: next level up from "I want an SBC with mic-in" is: "I want an SBC with stereo line-in". I managed to lobby Tsvetan from Olimex to put the routing on their Olinuxino A64 final board rev. You can flip two solder bridges to have line in!
Zero other boards that were usable.

@tbr @Skirmisher our plan for SBC line-in these days is just to use a USB ADC tbh

@diodelass @Skirmisher I avoid the cheap USB sound devices like the … … thing.
Fairly specific use cases though. Not just a need for high SNR, also need accurate audio clock and thus sampling accuracy.

@tbr @Skirmisher we suppose our current use case for such things - working on audio-channel digital comms - is specifically designed to be tolerant of those kinds of issues. but yes, that'd be real frustrating for most other things...

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