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this is similar to how modulators are generally very fast but demodulators are often slow

though, in the case of our current project, the mod runs in O(n) and the demod runs in O(n²), so it's not as severe

but this is mainly just because the modulated signal is actually a signal and not bullshit

[conspiracy theorist modulator spraying random noise into the spectrum] come on! demodulate this! demodulate this! prove that it contains the information I say it does! come on! if you can't do it, it means you're a liar


EE misinfo, USpol vitriol 

a bipolar transistor with its emitter-base junction in reverse bias is a historically common and easily-used source of white noise, often referred to by the colloquial term "republican"

EE misinfo, USpol vitriol 

we're proud of the sheer density of double-entendres in this post

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