chem nonsense 

US [closing a tab in annoyance]: mergh, nobody seems to have characterized octafluorocubane. there's not even a wikipedia page for it.
US: dammit. we were hoping to understand perfluorocarbons better by learning about its properties.
US [slyly grinning]: how hard can it be to synthesize?

[30 hours later]

US [clothes charred and smoking, hair still partly on fire, running from the cops who are also on fire]: pretty fucking tricky, apparently.

chem nonsense 

@cypnk yeah it's uh, obscure
cubane is a hydrocarbon, and you can have halogenated versions of hydrocarbons that replace the hydrogens with fluorine, chlorine, bromine, or iodine, but apparently no one has tried that for cubane

chem nonsense 

@diodelass This is actually kind of amazing, now that I think about it. It’s impossible you’re the first person to feel the lack of useful knowledge about this, which means you definitely try it after emergency services are notified, probably

chem nonsense 

@cypnk we aren't actually much of a chemist ourselves... we just have a very weird interest in halogens, especially fluorine, ehehe

maybe someday we will have the background to explore more here, but we need to start further back.
planning to take chem at our mother's uni in the spring, though!

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