vaguely remembering the extent of mansplaining we encountered when we described using mosfets as linear devices on freenode electronics

people were going like "no way, Hardware Bob here is definitely right when he says that won't work, he's been a EE for 90 years and probably knows more about transistors than you"


the difference between an engineer and witch:
- an engineer knows that if a part is designed for one purpose, it won't work well in others
- a witch knows that "what it was made for" is always a subset of "what it can do"

the definition of a witch often intersects the definition of a hacker

this should be no surprise, really
they're basically the same thing even in popular culture

@diodelass I'm not convinced that something which is supposed to be able to do something can always do it.

@diodelass not gonna argue with the definition, just wanted to join the crowd saying that Hardware Bob there definitely didn't know their stuff :). Using MOSFETs as linear devices is definitely a thing that EEs do -- in fact, there are MOSFETS specifically designed for linear operation.

There's a lot of gratuitous dogmatism in the electronic tinkerers/engineering community and I'm guessing that was one of those cases. With mansplainig sprinkled on top because of course there is.

@diodelass I love technical theatre (lighting specifically) because being good at this is a professional skill. I’m a lighting witch.

Litterally every analogue EE I know fits your definition of witch and not engineer.

@tfb @diodelass that tracks, analog is just witchcraft in general

t. "call me after you've stuffed it through an ADC, i can only deal with ones and zeroes"/"what do you mean PWM and a single RC filter isn't good enough"

@alexis @diodelass No no, I verified with colleagues: analogue is standard engineering, it's RF that's magic and witchcraft 😼

@diodelass almost like a physical objects are ruled by physics. (if you have an unphysical object please send pics, btw)

That said, like, maybe some odds of an for-you 👻 unknown unknown 👻 that the designers of "designed for" item either took into account or can be blamed for. Especially the engineer might want the latter against per 👹 bosses 👹.

Like helium, killing phone.(accelerometers) Maybe the odds are low. Also, if a thing you made for fun breaks in a interesting way, good story.

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