We trust you have received the usual lecture from your local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

#1) Women, especially women of color and trans women, built the foundations of most of your digital life.
#2) Before you try to help someone with a problem, make sure they actually asked for your assistance.
#3) Others' needs are more important than your convenience.

undirected response to shit in the thread 

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@diodelass damn. this needs to replace the current version of that message in every distribution immediately

@dtluna @diodelass i'm not following the scenario you have in mind, sorry :ohno:

@dtluna @diodelass i - i don't think it does outweigh your need for bodily autonomy, actually? this is kinda the reason we have blood donation systems rather than "hey if your kidneys fail then you're free to steal people's blood like a vampire the masquerade"

@dtluna @diodelass are you actually arguing that it's a convenience to not have your blood stolen :blobcattilt:

@00dani @dtluna at the risk of doing something foolish by posting in the blind, there's no way this thread is worth anyone's time.

@dtluna @00dani @diodelass devil's got plenty advocates in this world, he don't need you and neither do i

@dtluna that's cool nerd, why don't you go galt somewhere not in my friends' mentions

@burgin @dtluna his needs to galt in your friends mentions outweigh your first-world conveniences

re: undirected response to shit in the thread 

undirected response to shit in the thread 


"nobody asked you, this incident will be reported"

@cdr @diodelass What's funny is that that person was really close to just rehashing the hypothetical in this:

just... in a way that is bafflingly aggressive?

@cdr @diodelass
I should have CW'ed that, probably.

It's Philosophy Tube, presenting a thought experiment against the argument used by State-Forced-Birth proponents that "the child's life is more important than your convenience" and why that falls flat *even if you assume* that the fetus is morally equivalent to a fully developed human, which is already a stretch.

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