US AS A KID: what the fuck, why is /etc/network/interfaces syntax like this?!

Within thine file, as well you know
`allow-hotplug` upon `eth0`
Listen now for words dogmatic,
`iface eth0 inet static`
Give an indent, for good fortune:
At last, invoke the final throw:
With this, the contract shall be sealed
And to your host, the net revealed.

If thine heart is set to join the Router Tree:
`iface eth0 inet dhcp`
Release thy hold upon thine local name
Become dynamic, never called the same
Where TCP and UDP abound
A chorus chants, but all without a sound
Tread carefully on this chaotic shore
For thou shalt return, forevermore. You can write a subnet there instead of a netmask, after the address.
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