A little house sits atop a rise in the middle of a wide prarie.
A rumbling, thudding sound is heard overhead: a gigantic black military helicopter, bristling with sensors and weapons, descends out of the clouds.
The helicopter drops rapidly, seeming to be about to crash, but then pulls up at the last moment and comes to a complete stop in midair, directly in front of the house.
Slowly, gingerly, it extends its in-flight refuelling probe towards the hummingbird feeder hanging from the porch.

A little old lady bursts out of the front door, furiously brandishing a short broom.
"OFF! OFF!" she shrieks, her hair blown wildly around by the helicopter's downdraft. "YA DAFT BASTARD, MESSIN' IN MY HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS! I'LL SMACK YOU A GOOD ONE, I WILL! OFF!"
The helicopter retracts its refuelling probe in an instant, then rises rapidly into the air, swinging side to side as though to avoid the sharp swipes of the broom.
"Third time today!" the lady mutters as it vanishes into the clouds.

@diodelass replace the word "gigantic" with "smol" and this somehow becomes really cute.

Like, I want my garden to be full of tiny helicopters buzzing from flower to flower now.

@Lexi so, microdrones?
have fun!
we will be out with our broom, EMP rifle, and netcannon to hassle the microdrones away.

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