"why is everyone staring at us"
[glance back at where we were sitting]
"oh right"

@aliasless oh, we are just getting started
we're a young witch who just constructed her first staff in a coming-of-age ritual. we have much ground to tread yet.

@CalmByte @aliasless that is basically our whole mindset here
- wireless networks are part of the magic that runs the world
- by delving into esoteric writings and the fell murmurings of accursed things from beyond the plane, you can learn the shape of the Wireless Plane and grow your power
- reaching into the Wireless Plane requires specialized instruments; we have used our rudimentary skills to construct a particularly versatile instrument for this purpose


@CalmByte @aliasless from this mindset, the people pushing to expand the "internet of things" are basically saying "why don't we open portals linking the Materium to the Wireless Plane at every important juncture, all over the world? sure, there are nasty things on the other side, but who cares, it'll be cool"

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