ok the orb broke off almost immediately lol

we just shortened the handle so we could move the grip back

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it looks like some sort of superposition of, uh
- a longsword
- a sawfish shark nose
- a janky post-apocalyptic rifle

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@toilet shenanigans, mostly.
just poking around for the fun of it and seeing what we can see.

@toilet maybe the occasional hotspot range extender or adhoc sniper-debugger

@toilet now that it has an onboard computer of its own, it can be remote-controlled over its second wireless interface from our phone, or do things on preprogrammed schedules/conditions. it should be pretty versatile!

@toilet oh, and let's not forget that we made the GPIO header as accessible as possible, so it's also useful for interfacing with other electronics - addon boards are a possibility, as is using the SPI bus to hack on stuff, etc

@toilet basically, we're a witch and we've made ourselves a magic staff

@diodelass if anyone stops and asks tell them "The signals are strong today..."

@Guinevere antennapunk is definitely closely related to dieselpunk, honestly

would adding a rubber stop at the end to keep it from slip sliding around on the floor inhibit it's antenna functions? (is that what the orb was?)

@starrycosmos the orb was a steel ball... before we had a rubber stopper there, but it was wonky and wearing out fast. we'll consider attempting to reattach it anyway.

You might get better durability out of a hunk of (bicycle) tire or a piece of the sole of an old shoe

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