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re: wireless gothic 

meta-info for this one:
- all four images are our own work, including photography
- the picture with the antennacane pointed skyward was taken this morning in a campground in southern Indiana
- the picture of the lake at night was taken in a campground in Minnesota last fall
- the terminal pictures are not actually real screenshots, but who cares honestly
- the data shown by airodump in the second image have been altered at random and do not reflect any real location

re: wireless gothic 

oh, and the poem is part of the lines spoken by the priest in the Fishing Hamlet in Bloodborne. should've mentioned that first, haha

re: wireless gothic 

additional fun fact:

we have absolutelt no idea what that mysterious green light in the trees in the last image is.
we don't remember seeing it when we took the picture.

re: wireless gothic 

could be a lens flare artifact, but it's at a bit of a strange angle for that

@diodelass These feel less wireless gothic and more wireless lovecraft. I love it, though!

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