*seeing a large dissolved blotch on the casing of our Alfa wireless adapter*
god dammit
why is everything made of plastics that dissolve in acetone


when your hands are covered in acetone, suddenly half the plastic items in your area are as fragile as items made of sugar would be against wet hands.

also: taking a moment to appreciate the fact that our hands are not significantly soluble in water, acetone, or alcohols.

@diodelass it's so hard to find pet containers
i have a small collection of them now cause i was using acetone in my etching process and it kept melting my containers

gross, injury-adjacent Show more

@Canageek you dramatically overestimate the degree of lab decorum we are exercising around here today
what gloves?

@diodelass Dammit, you are an organic chemist, aren't you?

@diodelass ....you would think, however I've heard stories of people measuring out sodium one-handed while drinking coffee with the other not wearing a lab coat, and they always come from the organic labs

@diodelass if acetone isn't flashing off fast enough for that to not be a concern, I worry for your health in that situation.

@dotUser oh, in is. the problem is never fingers, it's droplets that get flung around during cleaning.

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