my boyfriend uses a calendar app on his macbook that
- is made in Electron
- wants him to pay a subscription to not see ads

he sees nothing wrong with either

the future is Fucking Awful

@diodelass Calendar apps are the one thing where every OS comes with a decent one.

@Kye, I actually kinda disagree with this as far as Linux goes, at least regarding what I've seen so far...
you got KOrganizer, which depends on the awful Akonadi PIM backend
you got the Evolution email client, which is mainly an email client
you got Lightning, a plugin for Thunderbird, which is another email client
Orage, which doesn't do event planning, just shows you the days of the month...

@diodelass Linux comes with cron :)

I have a series of bash scripts connecting cron, cal, motd, and todotxt.

Hah, who am I kidding. Nah, I haven't found anything good yet. Just searched and found

@thinkMoult @diodelass khal isn't too bad. I use it here and there. I wish there were something more complete, though.

@starbreaker @starbreaker He's a computational physicist. To call him "computer illiterate" would be pretty obtuse; it's just that he cares much more about the particular work he does with computers than the computers themselves, and has no extra thought to spare on ironing out relatively trivial inconveniences.

@diodelass I shouldn't have said anything. It's his computer and his decision.

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