some explanation 

meme explanation; nuclear politics 

meme explanation; nuclear politics 

nuclear politics 

re: some explanation 

@Kat @diodelass "This is not a place of honor.
No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here.
Nothing valued is here."

@snailerotica @Kat
tbh I was just thinking today that when TDOV rolls around I might post a recording of me reading the full message of this as a voice sample

@snailerotica @Kat @diodelass
There is nothing of value here, and nothing that you can take away. Entry will be fatal or worse.

@diodelass image described: "is this a bird?" meme.
it says "is this a place of honor?" and depicted where the butterfly would be are several images from the WIPP project for indicating the radioactivity danger zone, angry spikes and radioactive symbols and weird walls.

This is my favorite hyper-obscure meme. Thanks for it.

@violet sure thing!! we love this one and will definitely do more with it

@diodelass can’t believe I didn’t see this one earlier... it’s perfect

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