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some explanation 

@Kat maybe you remember that "this is not a place of honor / no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here" thing that I've talked about here and there?
it was drafted up by the DoE as the main message to put on a a site containing nuclear waste as a marker to future generations - for 10,000 years (along with menacing structures like the ones depicted here) to warn them not to dig or live there.

meme explanation; nuclear politics 

@diodelass @Kat I remember reading that all the planning for memetic propagation for the WIPP was useless, because we're *currently fucking up* handling of toxic materials and the not-poisoning of people, and maybe we should figure out how to stop the ongoing harm first. >_>

meme explanation; nuclear politics 

@diodelass @Kat That said, the WIPP nuclear semiotics research makes for a *great* art piece, overall. Lovely, chilling text and images. Fun to think about.

nuclear politics 

@varx @Kat my thoughts as well. the semiotics are fascinating, but the actual plan is kind of absurd.
the biggest problem in my eyes is that, well, "nothing valued is here" is just a lie.
the nuclear fuel rods the US buries are absolutely ripe for reprocessing, and still contain most of their fissionable uranium. a future civiliziation will - hopefully - be searching all over for these sites to dig up the old fuel and use it in their reactors.

re: some explanation 

@diodelass @Kat the part of me fascinated by megaprojects loves this. The rest of me has questions. Like, "Large, ominous structures keeping people away? Are they familiar with humans? That will draw humans like moths to a lamp." Or, "Might we reduce the need for this by removing the ban on federal funds for researching how to accelerate radioactive decay?" And also, "If you try and make a future Rosetta Stone and skimp on the languages included aren't you doing it wrong?"

@diodelass sorry for your notifications but you deserve it for this

@diodelass image described: "is this a bird?" meme.
it says "is this a place of honor?" and depicted where the butterfly would be are several images from the WIPP project for indicating the radioactivity danger zone, angry spikes and radioactive symbols and weird walls.

@violet sure thing!! we love this one and will definitely do more with it

@diodelass can’t believe I didn’t see this one earlier... it’s perfect

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