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My boss asked me for some work account's password once. "I don't know," I said, "I don't know any of my passwords. I use a password manager and passwords that exceed 32 characters if possible."

My boss thought that was silly. Today, breaking a SHA-256-encoded hash for a 12-character password takes less than an hour.

Services that limit password length give away hints about their shoddy password hashing practices. Do not trust them.

we probably already know the answer to this one BUT let's go

will Let's Encrypt give you a cert for a raw ipv6 address instead of a domain name

i was afraid i lost this image forever from knzk shutting down, but it's back baby

You may be a strong spirit who values free thought
Think it not of your wheelhouse to say what is ought
But no matter the values you hold or profess
There be denizens here who will only aggress
To grant acrid-tongued foes with legitimacies
Is a perilous path, that spreads only disease
If you value free thought, you must follow this trend:
Filter your timelines; fear not to suspend.

bad plan:
electroluminescent ethernet cables that glow in the dark when there's data going through them
(presumably they require POE and have some kind of transistor to drive the jacket from the data lane signals)

dan harmon tell rick and morty fans to shut down ICE in your next season premiere like the szechuan sauce shit.

honestly enbyphobic that apple phones don’t have a lanyard loop to hang cute charms and colorful tritium vials from

we were gonna do something but then someone put some dreadful james bond shit on the TL and now we can't remember what we were thinking about moments ago

50 years ago to the day, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, putting humanity on another celestial body for the very first time.

Critical to the mission's success was the AGC (Apollo Guidance Computer), a wonder of electronic miniaturization and the first computer to use integrated circuits.

This computer weighed 70lb (32kg), used 55 watts of energy, ran a clock of just a hair over 2Mhz, and used 2 kilo-words of 15 bit RAM.

Ravenposting time. This lil comrade emerged with a swan feather this morning, seemed mega pleased with itself about it #birbposting

today is the only day you can boost this but only if you also live in purple grid world

@diodelass inspired: set this up on a cheapo low power sbc and dead drop it behind uhh random definitely-not-uni server racks

US: we don't think of ourselves as particularly devout fans of anything or anyone these days

ALSO US: we would die for Sophia's ravens

leaving a few dummy devices around that constantly drop, reconnect, and exchange traffic with the AP, just to make it easier to collect IVs

tired: using a hardened WPA2 Enterprise implementation to ensure that your network is not compromised
wired: using an outdated WEP implementation just to make sure that only other hackers get into your AP, and not just any rando out there with a phone

tired: securing your AP against freeloaders
wired: putting up a clickthrough captive portal that contains a few friendly house rules (please keep band area usage to less than a gigabyte per day, use Tor if you're doing something illegal, etc) and occasionally monitoring traffic metadata to make sure nothing terrible is happening

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