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A program that does one thing, that's one screen with 3 buttons.
277 MB binary, 7 processes, close to 600 MB of total RAM used.

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i mean i know im not some grand martyr for running a fucking mastodon instance, im not trying to self-aggrandize and claim paying a few bucks a month, typing some loonix commands, and clicking some ban buttons is some grand sacrifice.

but... mastodon is my home now, on the online. its a place i built my own section of because my platform on corporate social media is repeatedly stolen from me because im a mouthy queer. it means a lot to me, and im honored and grateful that so many people are supportive and openly show gratitude toward me, and

so... yeah. i really cant just... not take this kind of bullshit personally.

god like, i know everyone's probably over it by now but... im not. that article, and false prophet ana's shit-ass lib response to the well derserved and frankly mild backlash hurts. im going to probably have to learn to deal with it better because im sure this wont be the last time in my life i have to deal with some asshole lib taking a mortar shot at something im involved in and am helping build for me, mine, and my marginalized/queer family but, fuck. it hurts. it hurts that sellout libs like ana will gleefully shit on the rest of us and sabotauge us to get more scraps from the banquet of the privileged.

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Posting only in cuneiform, as a bit.

π’‚‚ π’…“ π’€– π’€…π’‰Œ π’ž

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@iliana "vape is a command-line tool that converts text into "vaporwave" text - fullwidth UTF-8 characters."

omg that is fucking genius

I saw someone using the Improved Boxing Fight Ball in real life, in new york

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