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"voice dysphoria isn't real" we assure ourselves as we close our eyes and get into ham radio

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@violet sometimes when my husband is dead I just go around the kitchen and blow out all the pilot lights

this is our favorite shitpost to make literally anywhere and we are sorry

(paying attention to it is appreciated but strictly optional)

this post is a message and part of a system of messages.

aliexpress reviews (uspol, death) 

aliexpress reviews (uspol, poisons, slur) 

if only the even harmonics weren't hilariously fucked up

third harmonic would be absurd because the directors for a 2450 MHz yuda would be 18 hecking centimeters long

being philosophical 

Eigenellies "No Really, True Probabilistic Behavior is Real, We're Actually Really Sure About This" Diodelass

the reason being that a gamma match kind of already is a folded dipole? so this would be on the weird side for sure

what if we put a gamma match on a folded dipole. that would be so chaotic good

mad at the computer 

the feedpoint impedance is basically chaos at third harmonic, hah

going third-harmonic would give us way better directionality in the vertical axis and improve gain too, AND make it look even cooler by making the dipoles hilariously long. BUT it kind of wrecks the bandwidth a lot (that 400 MHz we have now would be hard to let go of) and also it seems really hard to get the front:back ratio to behave itself??

third-harmonic is still really tempting actually. if only we could get the bandwidth where we want it...

we are all excited about antenna fabrication again, gosh

amazing what success does to you when you actually care about it?

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