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FSK: frequency-shift keying
FSKSK: FSK-shift keying
FSKSKSK: FSKSK-shift keying

AM: the varying amplitude of the signal modulates information.
FM: the varying frequency of the signal modulates information.
FFM: the varying frequency of the waveform modulated into an FM signal carries information.
FFFM: the varying frequency of the waveform modulated into an FFM signal car

must be a day of the week, we're grousing about how we wish our culture were different again

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to be honest, in the absence of other factors, we'd take a Reform over a Pinebook Pro any day
it's just that the PBP is available sooner and probably significantly cheaper, so it's the only one we could get in the foreseeable future

we'll get our Reform someday, though.

@diodelass @tindall I'm just gonna slide in here and mention that pine64 has published the necessary files to 3d print replacement case parts for the original pinebook at the very least, which means that we could print thicc replacement bottom panels to add extra capacity for additional kit we wanted to hack in (extra batteries, additional ports, additional SBCs, etc) - it's one of my first projects once @rosalind gets built

US [on a UDF medium]: chmod 777 file
WINDOWS: this file is not readable, the permissions don't allow reading
US: fine, exfat it is

-instance updates, on average, once a month, but the variance is large
-instance may vanish at any time
-instance blocks a lot of domains, but they're mostly nonexistent or invalid ones

an instance adminned by a markov bot trained on your .bash_history that just periodically types shit into the server's root terminal

time for more Wireless Gothic!!
this is a loose sequel to the previous one featuring wifi (we'll call that one "Baleful Trance"), this time concerning cell phones and titled "Proverbs of Cell".

okay, we're starting to see this: the reason for the "works on our machine" for existing nonaccelerated terminals is probably a combined result of:
1) our screens are all low-res
2) we're using bitmap fonts that don't need fancy rendering
3) we're probably very used to filtering out display refresh delays due to our experience with old machines, to the extent of not even being able to see them when we're looking for them

apologies if we denigrated a thing you like here! that wasn't our goal

ever since we accidentally set the baud rate of our server's BIOS serial output to 3840, we've vowed that our curses-like console interfaces will use as few display update operations as can possibly be managed to do their job

anyway, we're open to being told we're wrong here and there actually is a good reason to want a faster terminal, but also, we're concerned that this means there are people who think designing terminal interfaces that work with a 2400-baud terminal isn't important.

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