beyond the inconvenience of needing framebuffer ram, it's too bad sharp memory displays are write-only because imagine a ram module whose contents were visible at all times

@vantablack i keep seeing "100k thots" but, like, that's pretty consistent with things fedi people say

A guy records a Soyuz launch from an insanely close distance!

A report written by a colleague of mine that I hope none of you will ever find directly helpful

> How to handle abuse of power by PhD supervisors: A workshop on early career researcher's needs

thinking about what the world would be like if Morse straight keys were velocity-sensitive, the way synths or drum pads are

good morning, all! hope you have a great week; remember, raspberry pis are both lovely computers and terrible microcontrollers

The Atkinson Hyperlegible Font (which you can read about and download for free here: is so cool!

Legibility is more art than science: what's more legible for one person will be The Worst for someone else, and that's especially true for visually impaired people. But this font looks amazing to me, it just pops out of the screen and is drastically easier to read than my old favorites.

When you design software, aim more for "ballpoint pen" and less for "Saturn V"

@trashcat HRT is absolutely a transhumanist act. Its my body and I'll make it whatever the fuck I want. Its biohacking.

Hey, please DM me your definition of "the Web," thank you.

(Deleted and redrafted to include:)

If your definition includes "the Internet," please define that as well. Thanks!

(Boosts encouraged, consider this informal research)

i know he was a shitbird but red october is my most problematic most favorite

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“It reminds me of the heady days of Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin, when the world trembled at the sound of our rockets.

“Well, they will tremble again — at the sound of our silence.”

Meat Loaf is The Sisters Of Mercy for your mom, Tenacious D is Meat Loaf for your kid brother

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