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thanks to @TheGibson i'm moving to @nitride

i shall miss this place
:cybre_glitch: forever!

the mastodon instance at is retiring 

for a lot of reasons, both personal and practical, i don't think i can effectively run a public mastodon instance any more, and i need to retire i want to do this responsibly and make sure everyone has a chance to migrate and export properly, so here is the plan for the instance retirement (feel free to share this link around):

due to ongoing moderation load issues and understaffing, between now and 1 november, the instance may be undermoderated. for other instances, if this poses an issue for you, i encourage you to use federation tools at your discretion. i would only ask that you be clear and public about your decisions so that users can figure out where they will be able to migrate their accounts.

thank you

but i'm not cool enough for

it took some fiddling but i got craiyon to make ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀᴇsᴇɴᴄᴇ (sorta)

just two things 

greg davies peering out the door of a police box with "BAD DONG" painted on the side

@russss i just read that the InSight mission is winding down, so i really wanted to thank you for @insight_images and the direct connection it gave me to a hardworking space robot

people hear about other people suffering and think talking about it invalidates their own suffering instead of finding solidarity with each other

𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 figured out how to play minesweeper

in a different universe somewhere people got Daft Punk's version of Call on Me and i feel we were robbed of that.

USA Friends:

Here's the URL for the rapid tests that you can order. Limit 4 (sigh...)

me, this morning, raging that i'm being cornered into installing winXP for a customer

me, this evening, remembering how nice it is

If you make a piece of software, and people are required to use that piece of software in order to, say, pay for their housing or groceries or pay back a loan, you are on the hook to make sure that software works for _every single person_ who needs to use it.

All of them.

Every screen reader user. Every person with muscle issues who can't use a mouse. Everyone who doesn't speak English. Everyone with three first names, or no last name. Everyone who is Irish or Jewish and has a ' in their name. Everyone with slow internet.

EVERY person.

"Oh we don't have the resources to do that!" Great. Then you don't have the resources to make and sell that kind of software. Pack up and go home.


chronic anxiety likes to tell you how perceptive and clever and smart you are

halp? i need advice about a linux drum machine. i'm an absolute beginner so approachability > power, and i have a device that i'd like to sync it with. thanks!

I once met a guy who worked his dream job, and I said: woow, you're so lucky.

He got angry with me. He wasn't lucky, he worked hard to get that position.

Hey, guess what. Everybody works hard. If you got a dream job, a good house, or a lot of money, you worked hard ánd you were lucky. Don't go around being entitled thinking you 'deserved this' because you worked hard. We all work hard.

You were lucky. And now you're in a position to create some luck for someone else.

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the mastodon instance at is retired

see the end-of-life plan for details: