has anyone experimented with exposing the substrate for aesthetic purposes on pcbs from jlc or pcbway?

@joshmillard i'm frustrated, annoyed, and can't really imagine what The News feels like on your end right now

but i'd also like to point out that beanplate.club is up for grabs

ᑐ ᑌ ᑎ ᑢ MAN
come together with your hands
spice me, I'm together with your plan


have discovered the joy of silver dollar pancakes. excellent crisp-to-cake ratio, satisfying, and a little stack of five doesn't cast one into The Realm Of The Null God


i wasn't the direct beneficiary of sir clive's work, but in the past decade i've been astounded how much of the world i inhabit was shaped indirectly by it. thanks to everyone that has paid his effect on their lives forward.

guess it's time to finish putting this thing together

just a reminder that it's been years since the goog removed "don't be evil" from their CoC

> it's one of the most, uh, yeah, i can see what the problem is; you gotta get right in there and talk so you guys can hear it. but the same problem is, if they can't hear it down there, we can't hear you in here, but we're working on it.
> hear what??
> trying to smooth it all out so there's instant, uh... whaddya call it?
> that's it, we wanna call it "what"
> wanna call it "more" of whatever it is...
> more microphone noise!
> no, just more volume

@ddipaola since you post about RC stuff i thought you might know: i have a very old Nikko-made car that runs on a 7.2V NiCd and it always had horrible battery life; do you know if there's a proven method for swapping these things over to cells with better power density?

My first programming language was FORTRAN. What was yours?

Feel free to boost.

Welp. Let's get drunk and return some library books.

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