@DMX it's just proof that call centre metrics are complete bullshit ngl. anyone can make anything look bad or good. the people using the data are all context free morons most of the time anyways

@DMX one time a guy got suspended for talking shit about a customer when he thought he was muted and when he got back to work after a week or whatever he won a fucking ipad for best CSAT score like lmao i am writing it into a screenplay i'm working on

@DMX call centre work was hell on earth for this among many reasons (everyone in the whole call centre could see everybody else's "bathroom time" on these big KPI screens πŸ₯΄)

honestly, upon rewatching the first season of lost (working on the second now) there was absolutely no character work put into the jack/kate/sawyer triangle to generate the kind of press it got at the time

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why does everyone think jack is "good"? he has done nothing but make one bad leadership decision after the next smdh

@kieranohki oh that's me on most days i just desire attention today lmao 😭

@DMX one time live on a tech support call during the graveyard shift the loser rednecks i worked with were throwing around a volleyball and accidentally smashed me in the face and i yelled FUCK!!!!!!! super loud

twitter, straight women 

@raphaelmorgan the moment someone tries to argue bioessentialism in the BAJORAN HOME WORLD you already know they're too far gone to save πŸ₯΄

i hate michelle rodriguez so i can't wait until ana lucia bites it (cause of her irl DUI)

for the first time in my life i am not getting id'd every time i try to buy a controlled substance and i think it's because the sprinkle of stark white hair in my mane 😎

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