as close as our faces will get until the fall i guess. shout out to air canada for ruining my life once again ๐Ÿ˜ญ

having a dissociative identity and trying to watch your tenses while writing a single written document:

cried most of my eye make up off (my boo is a wonderful sweetheart) but i liked it enough to still post ๐Ÿฅฒ

body horror, necrophilia, westworld 

this ongoing necro joke just

i am pretty sure the entire world saw this headline coming a million miles away. why again exactly are we just letting the united states colonize EVERYWHERE?????

this is probably the worst thing i have ever seen and i haven't watched it yet (nor will i most likely)

neelix is acting really cissexist about their hypothetical alien non-human children especially considering that his girlfriend is two years old

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how to guarantee i will never buy from your cannabis brand

it's a pattern with the show but it is definitely intentional. if anyone else could alt text caption these in a toot attached to this one i would be appreciative because this really just is a photo after photo of entirely white contestant teams season after season. every time there is a singular black cast member, they are voted off almost immediately and deprioritized in all of the season's marketing photos (off to the side, far behind the neonazi barbie standing glowing in the front, etc)

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why does it look like neelix is wearing a majora's mask t-shirt at a gaming convention?

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god this is just the fucking worst story writing of all time holy fuuuuuuccckking shiiittttttttt

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