y’all where is the safest place for lgbtqia people in the carribbean

can’t go to my diaspora homeland of jamaica cause my friend who is a jamaican trans woman horrified me from ever going

i really don’t want to live in the colonies any more but europe is just as bad for the african diaspora so rjehdhdhdj

i wanted to move to malta until i read an essay from a toronto black woman who was there 3 months for work and experienced the most intense antiblack racism of her life soooooo

@dexiheart the dutch ones (aruba, curaçao, st maarten). guadaloupe is the safest french one.

@sdm oh thank you! ironically enough my white grandparents used to visit st maarten all the time lol

@meow the Dutch ones! which makes sense cause the netherlands was the first country to legalize same sex marriage. so like aruba and curaçao

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