i am hypervigilant about neo nazi shit so i will block any and all domains hosted thru pleiorama or whatever its garbage white nationalist name is regardless of how leftist the profile may come across

christ where do i even start with this “we gave indigenous people a planet cause we colonized their entire fuckin lives but now we are giving it back to the cardassians now” episode

hashtag cut all of wil wheaton’s parasitic ass’ screen time

@dexiheart warning/psa: if you decide to watch season 2 of "picard", you'll absolutely *hate* the last episode.

(maybe you'll enjoy how *easy* it is to hate, idk 🤷‍♀️)


@tethre i am trying to re-watch or fully rewatch as many of the series as i can in a row (movies not included) so after tng, i am doing ds9, voyager, and i am gonna attempt enterprise. and if i survive that i will try picard lol

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