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i am hypervigilant about neo nazi shit so i will block any and all domains hosted thru pleiorama or whatever its garbage white nationalist name is regardless of how leftist the profile may come across

christ where do i even start with this “we gave indigenous people a planet cause we colonized their entire fuckin lives but now we are giving it back to the cardassians now” episode

hashtag cut all of wil wheaton’s parasitic ass’ screen time

why is wesley is white saviour of these post-colonial indigenous planet people?!?? WHY? HE ISN’T EVEN IN THE MAIN CAST!!!

WE BELIEVE IN YOUR SPIRIT WESLEY [CRUSHER]!!!!! - said nobody ever for any reason at any point in time

LMFAO picard it is time to WRESTLE with your COLONIAL HERITAGE but just do our folksy woowoo and our ancestors will forgive ur ancestors and all is well! cool see u at 7 pm


fun story: my dad is black but because he’s biracial when his skin is less dark like in the winter he gets a lot of “what are you” questions from every person around him because he had a giant Afro. my dad was a special education teacher with the public school system for what was his entire career. he was assigned to teach in a [gag] open custody jail facility for “criminal youth”. my dad worked there in the 80’s, 90’s and a little until 00’s until it was shut down and he was reassigned to a rural high school to work with autistic kids mostly (but any real developmental disabilities)

when he was teaching in the jail one day, this one student kept harassing him at his desk about “what he was” (which my father couldn’t even answer because he’s not going to tell a traumatized child in his care about his fucked up life as a transracial adoptee) so my dad looked him dead in the eyes and said, “cardassian”. the kid asked, “wait where is that?” so my dad said as a joke, “if you can find “cardassia” on this map [on a book on his desk] i’ll [buy you a pizza or something inconsequential]” and the kid sat all day researching lmao bless kids

kids and teens he taught really liked him and would like wave to him and get excited if they saw him in public 🥲 but my dad is easy to talk to and very funny (in a goofy way) but he’s always talked to youths like they were human beings he respected

anyways i am a police abolitionist now WHAT’S UP

my dad was always horrified if they saw him out of work because he was a consummate professional lol

lmao this episode where worf takes alexander to a klingon festival and then it turns it into a klingon musical production

man these thirsty klingon bitches are trying once again to pull one over worf’s head

all disabled people worldwide, after learning an “anti gravity harness” exists in the trek canon: 👀👀👀

CONTINUITY ERROR i know for a fact a medical officer could cross-check dna in like five seconds flat based on other episodes so this extremely long “picard and his ?son? waiting around for hours for a paternity test” is incongruous with the world of story

@dexiheart The Duross Sisters, I'm guessing? I loved to hate them.

@dexiheart warning/psa: if you decide to watch season 2 of "picard", you'll absolutely *hate* the last episode.

(maybe you'll enjoy how *easy* it is to hate, idk 🤷‍♀️)

@tethre honestly i had a hard time with picard episode one subjectively—purely because of my childhood love of picard who was basically my second father and the entire first episode is people shit talking how much they hate picard lol 😭😭

@dexiheart the whole series is not a good look for jean-luc if you ask me, so, yeah, i think it's a good idea to skip that one entirely!


@tethre i am trying to re-watch or fully rewatch as many of the series as i can in a row (movies not included) so after tng, i am doing ds9, voyager, and i am gonna attempt enterprise. and if i survive that i will try picard lol

@dexiheart when I started watching it and heard the thing about Cardassians reclaiming a planet I thought it was going to be a Maquis thing but no, it’s just the weird space pervert giving Wesley magic powers over a backdrop of the writers being weird about colonialism

@cinebox you’re correct and wesley being treated like this wunderkid adonis white kid who is impeachable and perfect is exactly why i hate the character and every narrative around him

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