eewww the cardassian prosthetics in DS9 are a HUGE trade up from whatever this gross shit was

o’brien is holding it in around the lizard space nazis a lot better than i would ngl

this cardassian military dude is the world’s most sensitive baby with the heart of an artist

i am at a point where i am skeptical of michael westmore’s actual technical ability as an sfx make up artist. the season where he was working on the make up directly was season 1 and that was the absolute worst make up of all time. the quality of prosthetic design and technology application only gets better season after season the further he moves away from it as an executive

i have deadass seen better armour design and execution at a townie anime convention

this captain dude with the murdered family just sucks so much. oh my god this final scene between him and o’brien felt 20 minutes long

also this episode so liberal sidjehdjdjdj :angery:

GOD this dialogue with data talking about method acting did NOT age well lmao

“stop cowering. when i need you on your knees i’ll let you know” wife? WIFE

the writers on tng so far have the worst continuity in terms of aliens sometimes referencing human time progression when they shouldn’t be. this super old queen bitch is basically eldrich and has had no contact with humans but somehow know exactly how many human days worth of time she’s spent in her eldrich alien realm like how is that not a red flag to picard right away????? smdh

this episode i would call rebelliously revolutionary thru the lens of a liberal

*tom from parks and rec voice* oh hell yeeeeaahhh it’s time to fuuuuuuuuck 🎶

lmao picard is just like “actually i think you’re an ugly idiot so byeeee”

why didn’t she turn into crusher????? wouldn’t that have been more tantalizing??

the fact that nobody thought to mention “you have the exact same powers as q” immediately the first time she appeared is wild

the love i have for guinan is juxtaposed by the disillusionment that is whoopie goldberg irl

WHY would they write beverly randomly having an interest in ethnobotany for one episode when keiko lives on this ship full time and is a Literal Space Botanist is absolutely beyond me from a story choice perspective

lmao all the crew members are becoming Very Concerned about losing a day’s worth of time—while i am sitting here with a real life dissociative disorder being like :blobcatboo:

“it seemed a stranger was staring back at me behind my own eyes” lol. lmao

picard really put the whole damn crew’s life on the line staking that they would just naturally be curious enough to figure his one million riddles

my god, when will they ever learn to stop putting riker under cover by manipulating his dna to look like the alien species? he always fucks it up 🤡

ONCE AGAIN he’s using the crew’s REAL LIFE NAMES during his undercover work. my GOD man

i’m sorry but this character is just every horny terf from livejournal who wrote fanfiction

i vibe so much with leah brahms when geordie projects shit all over her

geordie turning the creep factor up to maxxx

just don’t be fucking weird bro holy shit 🎶

this alien floating in space on the view screen looks like a child-made plasticine moldy hot pocket

picard is rightfully mortified by the actions they took to kill a living creature

damn somebody get me this red chenille corduroy sweater geordie is rocking to his creepy date cause it’s dope

sure, geordie, surprising her with intimate music by a composer who shares her last name to tailor the date, that’s not creepy at all!

uuhhhh i need to understand why geordie has an altar with a red crystal ball on it. is geordie a magical girl???

at no point in this did geordie not google his “#1 crush by garbage” holographic gf before trying to date her In Real Life

the space alien thinks the enterprise is its mama the way geordie thinks leah brahms is his girlfriend

omg shut up geordie this is fucking uncomfortable, you incel

my love for levar is juxtaposed by geordie’s constant cringe


i too communicate like i am flying through teal coloured desaturated 90’s vfx clouds probably made using lightwave

this is probably the most successful attempt to chromakey live actors over digital assets in the series so far

i need miles to reign in his patriarchal babyman temper and jealousy

as an fyi i am not catholic but i went to catholic high school so i could use their computer labs since their funding was better than other public schools at the time—so i learned lightwave in high school!

anyways one of the things i love the most about TNG’s writing is how much existential horror the characters go through

tng prepared me for my dissociative disorder godbless :angy_goku:

broski is clearly asking for a double double from timmy’s, my dude

dear ingenue cadets in ten forward, you cannot “go out fighting” against an existential threat

yes!!!!! it’s the episode where geordie starts to morph into a glow in the dark blue chameleon boy while on an alien planet 👽👽👽

i just misheard something as “lieutenant hitler” and i jolted up

sir your interference made our worst crew member absolutely psychopathic

@dexiheart “patriarchal babyman” omgggg I’m dying loool spot on 🎯 great insult, 10/10, would use again 🤣

@dexiheart (we have no shortage of patriarchal babymen, that is)

@dumpsterqueer i love these weird ass uncanny valley episodes the most

@dexiheart they're incredible, have you seen the Scotland planet one yet?

@dumpsterqueer oh yeah i grew up watching this as it aired with my dad! this is like my 949449th time watching the series

@dexiheart fuck yeah 💪 it makes me wanna watch it again too seeing people posting about it! Every single time :')

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