Suspended a user today for anti-blackness

Have some self-awareness, new friends

If a Black person is talking about their experience of harassment on Fedi as a Black person

And you, a white person, drop into their mentions to tell them that they're not doing it politely enough for your tastes

That's racism, and you don't get a warning before I close your account

@clarinette @socrates

A warning might help the person who said anti-black things. But to keep them around, you could lose the Black person they went after in the first place. Not good. :/

@xenophora @clarinette If you want a warning so bad, consider this thread a warning, then

And if it bothers you that it's a white person's account that was deleted to make a "teachable moment" for the rest of us

Think about why you'd be okay if it had been a Black person being asked to be a "teachable moment" for the white person's moral education by warning the white person (hint: it's racism)

@socrates @xenophora Did I ever said anything about the white person or defending what she had said? I don’t think so. All I care about is being in a social media where your speech is not simply dependent on a moderator’s mood. I care about justice and everyone’s rights, black or white does not matter to me at all. I don’t judge peaople from their colour. Actually, I have never met a white nor a black person. We are all a spectrum of coulours.

@xenophora @socrates @clarinette saying “i don’t care about anyone’s colour” makes you look worse than you realize, i’m afraid

@dexiheart @socrates @clarinette

Oh. :o I'm sorry if that's how it came out. I was actually trying to say that I agreed with the mod's decision. Especially since it appears that they'd already mentioned the possibility in their ToS.

@dexiheart @clarinette @socrates

Oh, thanks. I worry that my hands get ahead of my silly brain sometimes. o_0

@dexiheart @socrates @xenophora you’re getting your whole instance a block from us, yes. As a black person who insists they are black, your comment stating that from your perspective, I am not black… is exhausting and repetitive and I don’t have time for it anymore. I’m sure there’s loads of others feeling the same. I recommend listening to black people whether you believe they exist or not, they would know. They do. We do. GL.

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