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@dexiheart We need AU Red Cross Blood Bank to do likewise.

They exclude me because I lived in the UK during the 80s, so I'm in a #Schroedinger #Prion delivery vehicle :|

@jmcp hopefully civil rights groups in the uk can somehow use this as leverage because we are still a part of the commonwealth

@dexiheart i mean, kinda sorta?

that article goes on to say that they're still outright banning blood donation from ppl who have recently engaged in "high-risk sexual behaviours", rather than just checking all the blood donated by anyone at all for the relevant pathogens

so it's basically

@dexiheart it's still better, because trans women for example won't be barred from donating because we're "men who have sex with men"

we'll be barred from donating for doing things we actually did do instead

but the underlying homomisic assumptions that led to gay men being barred from donation in the first place are still present in the current rules

@00dani i was a full service sex worker. i get that. you just have to lie. i’m not saying that it’s right but i will continue to celebrate any modicum of progress. we dealt with homophobia, we can deal with swerfs

@00dani @dexiheart just popping in to point out that the current wording also seemingly bans any polyamorous folk who have multiple "intimate" partners.

@soffkitty @00dani oh god we are generations away from dealing with being poly in the health care system *takes a long hard drag* it’s monogamy rules out here in the wild west

@dexiheart @00dani I don't think that's the case in Canada.

B.C now allows multiple parents on birth cirtificates, an Ontario thruple recently won full custody over a child, etc.

This new wording now also likely excludes a larger list of queer people than it did before, as now I can't use my femme passing as buffer (as an example).

Anyways... Mostly just musings about it from an activist. I have at least one reporter looking to interview me soon about the ban so I gotta flesh out my thoughts

@00dani @soffkitty i assure you the federal government is nowhere near to acknowledging polyamory in any meaningful way, let alone health canada. despite eight million years of archival history about the AIDS crisis it took us until 2022 to actually get them to acknowledge the homophobia despite marriage equality in the country since 2005

@dexiheart now if only CSL Plasma can follow. I was turned away on January 12, 2020 at their Schenectady-Woodlawn location precisely because of this.
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