y’all i am black/biracial and would love to meet more bipoc friends so… hello!!!!!!! i am a creator, storyteller and musical siren

@dexiheart submitting myself for friend candidacy~

1) YA horror author currently trying to sell a book about a feral ballerina who gets possessed and maims all the rich + white people in her way

2) flautist and violist and metalhead

@guerrillarain oh wow you’re so cool 😭😭 i am writing a multi genre unsellable vampire horror YA because i love to be ambitious

@guerrillarain oh dope! i am a classically trained vocalist with a background in choral! and i have played trumpet and clarinet and am cursed with having perfect pitch (it is not a gift). i am in the process of writing electronic music using my background in choral/dissonance to create some kind of haunting space music. like you shot a haunted cathedral into space and it’s flying toward a black hole

@guerrillarain i also play piano on the fact that i basically Speak standard notation so i understand how a piano works but i have zero technical ability whatsoever and my handspan isn’t wide enough to cover an octave 😭

@dexiheart heeeeeeej i need more bipoc friends here!!

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