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josie on legacies: i’m beginning to think that traumatized is my permanent resting state

sexual assault, metaverse, we are living in hell 

of fucking COURSE this happened cause 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 usa usa usa 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

these are the common words of a manuscript that is definitely NOT filled with neo nazi propaganda about white europeans having colonized north america first NO SIRREEEEE :blobshh:

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“good” news: the psychotic unhinged nazi propaganda is on all the online book stores thanks to being able to call a Pay to Play SaaS company a “publisher”

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maybe i will look into what is about too

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there has GOTTA be some goodwill hackers on the fedi!! or someone who can help get this shit taken down!!

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i found out this book was self published by a dude name JERALD FRITZINGER by some SaaS company called as an excuse (probably) to get the whole text up for free on Google books

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can anyone tell me why walmart is selling self published unhinged neo-nazi propaganda and also how do we get this shit taken down????

that man killed his wives and nobody can convince me otherwise

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how do you know it’s not accurate if you nor you family has watched it? this man is a lying sack of shit. this miniseries just ended seven days ago lmao

the great desert in the game just makes me want some fresh naan


the anniversary of my cousin christopher’s suicide is coming up in the next couple of days. my beautiful cousin, the only other gay member of my family—he was one of the few artists we had in our family. he was mohawk (wolf clan), he loved and raised huskies; chris loved comic books and had a full xmen collection worth a lot of money now. chris loved to crack jokes and he loved eating like a little bird on holidays. rest in my peace my sweet cousin. the last thing you ever said to me was on facebook: “love you, cuz” :ablobpride1: :ablobpride2:

i always just skip this episode or dissociate it away into nothingness

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leave me alone, i am in my room reeling at this Data Has Multiple Personality Disoder For Androids Episode because Deanna just solidified that they still use “multiple personality disorder” in the Star Trek universe

spending 3 hours there and back on the road carpooling with my coworker tomorrow just cause the execs want to see us in person at the office

hey, starfleet, maybe it’s not the best idea to let the bridge commander test be just william riker gaslighting you into feeling insane?????? just a thought

generic rape reference 

it’s a little WEIRD to me that jonathan frakes would want to direct an episode where the character his colleague plays gets basically raped on screen by a predatory toxic green anaphasic gas :blobshrug:

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i think gates mcfadden in this shot i just posted was directed by jonathan frakes to “put your hands on the shoulders like there is an invisible man in front of you” but beverly’s hands indicate a shoulder size much smaller than she is (like child sized) but the ronin actor is much taller and wider than she is. ACTING CONTINUITY

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yes it is a real strain of weed and yes it is incredibly good

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