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i will never forget the clip of megan thee stallion and kehlani taking photos together and kehlani looks up at meg and says "i would bottom for you 🥺"

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josie on legacies: i’m beginning to think that traumatized is my permanent resting state

does anyone have an accessible resource on how to migrate instances when the one you're migrating to requires and invite (i have an invite)

Please help me get stable while I am in a bit of a financial bind

"As I work to complete my program, I realize I cannot work any kind of “regular” job. Since I am trained as and enjoy working as a photographer, I intend to freelance to sustain myself as I study. These last couple of months have been particularly difficult as I’ve tried to maintain."

You can read the story and share and donate pls
#mutualaid #GFM

Julian: Friday. The day Chief Medical Officers are punished for their transgressions.

the moral of wages of whiteness is that white people are fucked up

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tfw your web team lead and ios team lead clearly hate each other

OK francophone fedi your time has come at last :ablobcatbongo:

any of you interested in helping to translate some Black radical & revolutionary theory from english to french? if so, hit us up or feel free to tag anyone you know who might be interested. we'd like to start translating texts from french to english eventually too. :boost_ok:

Julian: Are you and Ezri in a relationship?
Odo: Define relationship.
Julian: Are you having sex?
Odo: No.

Advice for men who are established in their job/workplace:

If a younger coworker you perceive as a woman feels the need to point out to you that they aren’t your admin assistant, take a very honest look at what you’re doing and fix where you went wrong.

i am watching discovery and i am so confused. why did they redesign klingons again??? where in the star trek timeline is this series????

how can one manifest their paycheque 3 days early

i love when garnet just sits in front of me and stares at me with her big baby eyes as i work

The fetishisation of “hard work” across the political spectrum, with all parties reflexively using such thought-terminating cliches as “hard-working people” and “hard-working families” reduces people to commodities. Why should work be hard? Why should we make life harder than it has to be? Rather than praise hard work, we should use our resources and skills to make work, and life, easier. Hard work should be seen as a problem to be solved.

#LizTruss #HardWork #graft

In early 2019, when the US government shutdown, hundreds of Canadian air traffic controllers sent American air traffic controllers pizza, in a show of solidarity at a time when the FAA controllers were not being paid.

Original tweet :

living and dying every day for clearly canadian sparkling water beverages


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