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whatever happened after 1992 (lead? the crime bill? demographic changes? i've heard a lot of explanations) sure made a lot of 80s hollywood action movies' predictions of the future very inaccurate.


Demolition Man is the peak of the "It is 1996. Crime is legal." genre


ru pol 

for a country that prides itself on liberating europe from fascism, it's endlessly annoying that some of our government's supporters still think parties like afd, jobbik, or the more outwardly trumpian part of the gop are "the good guys" bc they support russia

"Find out your GAY NAME!

your first name +

*gets down on one knee*

my last name"

online nazis 

i feel like whoever set up this poll might be a troll

gotta be honest, i thought "online strangers being able to hack you through open ports" was an issue that was supposed to be solved back in the early 2000s? but apparently it's not? why is information security such a mess?

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Uhhh why is telling every Switch owner to effectively expose their consoles directly to the internet? Real excited for how fat-fingering the IP and forgetting / not being able to set UDP only can also expose anything else on folks’ home networks.


trans and nonbinary people are still cute and valid and lovely <3

looks like i have a fever... probably not covid, since last test showed i still had antibodies and my sense of taste feels okay, but still bad :-(

awesome job! \^o^/ (also the "dr. mario" BGM is my favorite of yours overall)

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ordered this disc from japan a week or so ago, and now it's here!

my answer would be a pretty simple one:

get rid harry potter, avatar, and fast & furious


Let's cause some drama today! What's everyone getting rid of?


shork dj gorl


shark dj who doesnt have a name yet

made her for a university assignment but i like her so i might keep her
what is her name bros.....


sberbank apparently thinks that it's okay to make both usernames _and passwords_ case-insensitive >_<

RT Да, логин и пароль не чувствительны к регистру, чтобы пользователям было удобнее. Не переживайте, это безопасно.



that weird feeling where i kinda agree with a bunch of left-wing criticisms of "liberals" (even if i think their definition of "liberals" is too wide), but also it makes me instantly suspicious that they'd be okay with very authoritarian/illiberal ideas.

i wish all my friends a very pleasant fulfilling well-paid job with good working conditions

there was a game I used to play like magic the gathering that was hacker/cyberpunk themed. it was recently rebooted by fantasy flight but then wizards of the coast killed it off again. so now there’s this non-profit that redid all the card art and flavor text so you can get reprinted proxies without having to deal with DMCA. it’s like the most cyber punk that could happen to this cyber punk card came.

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