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the 20th day of every month (二十日) is pronounced "hatsuka" because "hatsu" (発) means "to gain wealth" and that's when i get paid at work

turns out, this game doesn't check if your hand is actually winning before letting you say tsumo

this educational game has reminded me that chombo exists

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apparently the samsung keyboard has toki pona as a language option... but all it does is show a qwerty keyboard, without autocorrect or even removing the keys not used in toki pona.

thinking about how the term "hard disk" has become associated with HDDs as opposed to SSDs, even though SSDs are also "hard" both literally and in the fact that they're not typically removable

a big concern among the fediverse's more politically inclined users is the network's potential "fed infiltration", a scenario where some of the users are FedEx employees in disguise

don't remember who posted about the puzzle game "cell tower" here first, but it's a good game. it's kinda like wordle in that it encourages you to share your results with others, but you don't get a limited number of tries.

even 's own pronunciation thing messes up 1st and 20th, saying "ichinichi" and "nijuunichi" instead of "tsuitachi" and "hatsuka"

i entirely understand how the japanese keypad layout works, yet i still have an extremely hard time actually typing with it

at least for android has a qwerty mode as well

my internet friends are cute and lovely ans awesome and i want to hug them irl

the problem with me and restaurants is that i always want to order extra to share with friends or relatives, even if they have made plenty of their own orders

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while the local covid numbers are still down, decided to visit a local place hosting a bunch of food courts. my parents decided to get greek, and i wanted to visit the korean place (which was actually what i did on my first visit there)

turns out this is some sort of "educational game" — not like "mario's missing" or "carmen sandiego", but more in the sense that it has options useful for learning how to play mahjong. the pause menu even has an option labeled オープン (open) that opens everyone's hands (which is actually how i sometimes play with parents so they can learn how it's played)

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i think there should be some kind of voluntary prison system where people who have _not_ committed any crimes, but who feel they are not helpful members of society and are more likely to screw things up than do good, can ask to be isolated for a few months and assigned some menial labor, ideally of the kind that would do least harm to society if done wrong (so e.g. no printing license plates, because then if a mistake happens, a wrong person could get fined for a traffic violafion)

weird, so on devices taking a screenshot is done by _quickly_ pressing the vol↓ and power buttons at the sams time, as opposed to be holding them....

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