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i like the feature that adds hearts to avatars of all of my mutuals, because i love my mutuals

i'm a simple person: i see a cute and lovely person, i fall in love

*falls in love with you*


Брат в Cyberpunk 2077

Ничего лучше вы сегодня уже не увидите


uspol thought, --- 

thinking about how around 20% of the united states' population is so invested in being racist, they'd reject improving their own lives if minorities were to also benefit, and how that'd impact any revolution (whether authoritarian, democratic or anarchist)

why are you all so nice to me >///<

you're all so cute and awesome and way out of my league...

"hugo the troll" was a danish game show where one could play a small video game via phone call. it was exported to lots of other countries, including russia in 1998. and now, russian enthusiasts have figured out a way to recreate the thing in a way that works with modern phones.


Russian enthusiasts figure out their own Hugo the Troll set up! First live call in game tomorrow.


Minecraft stream? Https:// 6pm uk time

uspol, rupol 

same rule is used in russia, where the vaccine was developed by the public sector, by the way, so booster shots are a good idea even if you don't trust "big pharma"


Folks, the rule of thumb on boosters is simple: if you’re over 18 and got vaccinated more than six months ago, go get boosted. It makes a big difference in your immunity, and will provide you critical protection going into the holidays. Go to



* jury trials: good
* people having the ability to freely choose defense attorneys: absolutely vital
* double jeopardy rule: also good

sucks that the consequences of all these are terrible tho when placed in an unequal and bigoted society

What does anti-bias training have to do with audio engineering? 

What does anti-bias training have to do with audio engineering?

One time, a film maker called me up because she wanted to use a hubub of voices as a music statement but it wasn't coming off. I listened to the audio and knew just the thing! A resonant 70s style low pass filter would keep the timbres but jettison the words. I ran her vocal recording through my synthesiser and proudly returned with the improved audio.

She listened. "This does sound a lot better," she said, "but you've completely prioritised the men's voices and removed the women."

Cis normativity aside, she was right. My process had made altos much softer and pretty much nuked sopranos. I had to go back and organise each audio sample by vocal range and run the filter multiple times. It was time consuming, but the result was much nicer.

She noticed this because she knew what it was to be silenced according to vocal range - something that has gradually faded from my mind as its no longer a regular occurrence for me. If I'd been working with a fellow tenor or a bass, we might never have noticed. The audio would have been worse and the while project subtly effected by unconscious bias.

Instead, when the film was released, a reviewer praised the sound in that section.

Unconscious bias isn't just unfair, it makes *your* work worse.

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Modern UI designers seem to struggle with one simple idea: constrained space along an axis.

On mobile, horizontal space is constrained, but vertical is plentiful. Don't place multiple text views next to each other when they contain a potentially long str... Just don...

On desktop, it's the reverse. Screens are wider than they are tall, and various system/browser panels already eat into the available height. So a fixed header on a desktop website is never, ever a good idea.

trump: "you'll become a drug addict"
kevin: "and you'll get an impeachment declaration because of who won the higher league of the KVN comedy competition in 1997" (that'd be volodymyr zelensky, current president of ukraine)



trans and nonbinary people are cute and i want to hug them 😍

with other people's art being stolen, social media accounts getting hacked to promote them and many high-value sales seemingly consisting of people just passing money between each other to make it look like millions are being traded,

this doesn't seem like a force for good


This is how much of my work was stolen and minted as NFTs just today. The DeviantArt NFT protection is great but man this sucks to see.


Xenia, eye contact 

Via cathodegaytube on birdsite.

what if: a media player for smartphones that has a media library which lists both locally-stored music and stuff from online servers (nfs? smb? http(s)?) in a seamlessly integrated way

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