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social media apps should have a feature where you can select part of the post's text and copy it like you can with regular text fields or web pages, not just the "long tap to copy everything" kind

A first impression of the upcoming Briar desktop client

uspol but also in general 

i'd say that it would be silly to respond to a terror attack by sympathizing with the terrorists and asking the public to understand their concerns,

but i've also seen it happen almost every time the terrorist was white and right-wing.

what if: being friends with trans cuties

also what if: being trans cuties

visiting the yabloko party hq in moscow to sign up as an election observer

sign supposed to say "bancomat" (ATM), but only the "ancom" part is lit

why does riding in cars and buses (even electric ones) make me feel so :-X


i don't know how to feel about this bc almost every individual fact of this prediction basically came true, the only mismatch is that it's not the wars in afghanistan and iraq that caused the global financial crisis in 2008...


Hunter S. Thompson wrote this one week after 9/11, basically called what the 21st Century would become


i like how re3 adds to your game a russian and japanese localization and reVC can give it a russian localization. both russian locs seem different from the ones i remember playing. probably fanmade?

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whoever made the AUR script for did a good job. whoever made one for didn't, bc it doesn't install reVC's custom resources anywhere.

what they don't tell you is that the fediverse logo is actually a summoning circle

after watching's stream, seems like whoever designed the blitzball minigame in ffx really liked the captain tsubasa games for the famicom. the mechanics are really similar.


Apologies, there's no show tonight, we've pissed on all the props


made some slight changes to my "space race" port.

turns out, circles are computationally expensive on the pico-8, so it's better to approximate them with lines. also, used simpler drawing code for faraway and nearby obstacles.

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