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lewd thought 

y'all are so cute and nice to me... how am i supposed to _not_ thirst for you?

also, i complain about open-source software a lot, but i still believe it's the best option for me. my openbox-based setup is faster and more responsive than anything microsoft or apple came up with in the last 10 years.

you might call the kind of tiling windows 10 has primitive compared to open-source desktop environments, but i think the fact that it has tiling features in an otherwise stacking gui is pretty cool and i wish open-source desktop environments weren't as strictly divided between stacking and tiling

i'll try not to be an elitist prick about it, but the only answer i can give is "if you want, i can make a library and write some sort of api that you or someone else can use to make a user interface, because i have no idea how to make one myself" or "i can change as many functions as possible to be portable, but i don't know enough about winapi to do everything".

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i don't want to be the "then code it yourself" person, but i literally can't "code it myself" either!

i don't even know where to start? especially since it seems like making any cross-platform GUI program will require me to switch from C to C++, which is a thing i'd rather avoid, and raw winapi (which _can_ be used in C) is a mess that i'd also rather avoid?

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that moment when you agree with critics who say tools that only work on linux or have terrible user interfaces won't find widespread adoption, but you also only know how to code for linux and are terrible at making user interfaces

i think it would be neat if there was a widely-accepted protocol for distributed storage of information that could be used for long-term archiving of important data across the internet and easily appended to store new data over time

politics opinion 

now that i think about it, in a capitalist society, the declaration that there's no such thing as a "debtor's prison" sounds less like a positive and more like a threat.

because for all their awfulness, prisons are at least supposed to provide some basic guarantee of life and safety. (though i bet america managed to even screw that up by having some sort of prisons where people also starve to death that i haven't yet heard about...)


got a bunch of new followers, time to lose them by saying: i believe authoritarian governments (including authoritarian socialist governments) are bad and protests against them are good

fidonet was a pre-internet service where almost every user had to use their real name, and from what i know, the trolling there was very rampant, at least in the russian segment back in the late 1990s.

infosec opinion 

the main differences between regular engineering and software engineering is that

1. in regular engineering, it's realistically possible to make some things harder by restricting what things can be sold
2. the amount of damage a physical thing can do is roughly equivalent to the effort it takes to make it

if regular engineering were like software engineering, every house would need to have extremely thick steel walls to protect it from all the tnt kids would be making and tossing around, and every entrance door would require remembering how to solve a maze

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infosec opinion 

a less radical set of opinions:

* multitasking was a mistake
* letting one storage medium keep _all_ the software and _all_ the data was a mistake

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infosec opinion 

personal opinion: the biggest mistake in the world of information security was letting big companies and governments believe computers can, or should, be secure in the first place

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