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sounds cool!


"Due to very low birth rates of the natives and the very high birth rates of Roma people, by 2050 Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia could be Roma-majority nations."


set up youtube for my mom. the interface is a bit slow, at least compared to the youtube app for switch, but it works and the videos play back without lag or skipped frames.

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found out the smart tv actually has built-in wifi, and, more importantly, even though it's been made back in the ps3 era, still supported enough that the last update can open youtube and browse the internet (the previous ones had https certs too old).

the switch brain age game had an article about the guggenheim museum in nyc in the "reading aloud" category, i looked it up and the building looks pretty cool (and still stands today).

time to get a head start on my revision 2022 entry. nobody steal this idea, 100% original

turns out, the script i made to generate feeds out of my website's blog section was very broken. but i fixed that! now should be readable in your favorite program or service.

youtube should offer an option for playlists to play in the reverse order (for example, if a playlist is newest-to-oldest and you want to play oldest-to-newest instead)

for anyone who knows tabletop simulator scripting:

is there a way to get a table of all objects ? or another easy way to select all cards and decks to move them somewhere ?

politics greentext thing 

> 1910s russia: a monarchy with an economy wracked with inequality and an autocratic leader who sends his people to fight a meaningless war at great cost to his people with the only goal being gaining smth from being on the winning side during the peace treaty

> you're someone who sees russia's revolution(s), which resulted in a civil war and an authoritarian socialist government gaining power, as a cautionary story to be avoided

> you therefore reject any moderate reforms that might reduce inequality in your country or make the government more democratic, and also support sending your people to meaningless wars with the goal of your country's leader gaining smth from being on the winning side


uspol thought 

if i were running a really evil police department that was under threat of being defunded, i'd be secretly smuggling weapons to gangs and maybe also staging prison riots that would lead to all the dangerous criminals there escaping

display is blinking "install / usb disk" in russian


Называется пришел домой отдохнуть от работы


after asking around on the blaseball discord server, "les chiens merdeux" seems like the best option. here's the finished image.

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finally, reimplementing apis is now precedantally legal in america!


BREAKING: In major copyright battle between tech giants, SCOTUS sides w/ Google over Oracle, finding that Google didnt commit copyright infringement when it reused lines of code in its Android operating system. The code came from Oracle's JAVA SE platform.


politics p2 

← experience, american pop culture and the media didn't suddenly become a lot more liberal in 2009 or a lot more conservative in 2017 just because of a new president. if anything, it seems like the exact opposite has happened after trump got in office?

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the weirdest thing about this is: like, "cancel culture" in the way conservatives present it isn't a law that's passed by congress or an executive order from the president. it's decisions made by private companies based on public criticism. and from my →


Wow. I did not have "The Amazing Atheist delivering the most accurate take on the cancel culture moral panic" on my 2021 bingo card. Well done,


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