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politics p4 

← for example (from what i heard) the soviet union under lenin fought for minority populations and decriminalized homosexuality, only for it to be recriminalized, and for many ethnic minority groups to be repressed again, under stalin.

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politics p3 

← a group of people has achieved equal rights, they still aren't equal materially and there's still social discrimination that needs to be fought.

but it seems like even the biggest revolutions fail at improving specifically minority groups' situation. →

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politics p2 

← like, i get it: it's exhausting that the right will spend another few decades fighting against trans rights the same way they fought against gay rights, and after that they'll open a new culture war against, iunno, plural people? and it sucks that even when →

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with this whole "acceptance vs liberation" discourse happening, i guess i have to ask: has the latter ever happened in practice?

because history has lots of examples of people gradually getting their rights and don't think there's any of complete liberation. →

it's almost finished, the only thing i need is the quebecois french translation of "crap dogs", as that's the name of the montreal team in the neural net league

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i wanted to share this with one of my mutuals, but they deactivated their account :-(


i made a terrible meme about traditional vs simplified chinese


more progress on the teams pixel art. all the neural network league teams now have logos, and most of them also have text logos as well!


i guess, but also
1. laws designed to make it harder for people to vote are bad even if they don't work well
2. a lot of american elections are close races, where even tenths of a percent can change the winner


Democrats are concerned that Georgia's new voting law will have a significant effect on turnout and electoral outcomes. The evidence suggests otherwise.


social media politics discourse 

still occasionally thinking about how that one moment a relatively popular twitter leftist called one of my friends, a committed anarchist and strong anti-authoritarian, a "liberal" over a disagreement about p.coffin of all people >_<

someone should come up with a way of determining whether a celebrity is popular enough to deserve reverence or not that isn't just "they're a celebrity"

"Men 50 years from now should look more or less as gay as women do now."


Lubbock Morning Avalanche, Texas, January 2, 1952


thanks to the work of Maksymilian Król (jan Otele), my toki pona course is now available in Polish:

etymology shitpost, makes no sense 

накануне (nakanune): the day before

taken from japanese 中 (naka) "middle" and esperanto nune "nowadays"

puzzle spoilers, that's not a cw i ever expected to write lol 

this is so cool!!

seems like at least this time the bunny day event lets you skip everything and get right to getting a wand if you did everything the year before

Ура, наконец-то завезли!
(заранее прошу прощения)


1. affirm trans and non-binary people
2. protect the innocent
3. embrace the cuties

4. (classified)

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