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← the clearly-ancient-chinese setting and character names aren't all renamed (especially since in "dynasty wars / tenchi wo kurau", the first game, the chinese names seem to have been translated properly)

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tried out "capcom arcade stadium" with the two games it has for free (1943 and ghosts 'n goblins). the aesthetics are pretty cool, and the games seem to run okay.

i only wish capcom would at least try to make an english version of "warriors of fate / tenchi wo kurau 2" where →

i spent too long wondering "what's up with the weird top-left piece in the shield on the legend of zelda nes box?" before i realized that this is just a cut-out through which the cartridge is visible

personal pronouns, ranked by how i'd accept being called:

they = preferred
he = not the best option, but ok
she = why? it doesn't match my gender identity _or_ at-birth sex
it = don't
neopronouns = not really for me

did you know: enbies are cute as heck and deserve respect

saw the "new legacy" hack for super street fighter 2 turbo... it adds a lot of extra palettes for characters, including a way to have the traditional sf2 palettes on not-old versions of characters

i remember seeing the thing on the right at a toy store as a kid and being really fascinated with it


In case you didn’t know, there is a Screwball Scramble “Level 2” and it CONNECTS TO THE FIRST ONE


apparently, back in 2006, my sister and mom both got the hpv vaccine. mom believes that the vaccine made her get cancer 10 years later and specifically _infected_ the sister with hpv, and that the vaccine was part of bill gates's plan to depopulate the world

Successfully got a custom SGB border loaded. I will not be accepting artistic criticism at this time due to the fact that it’s already perfect

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switched from firefox on android to "fennec f-droid", which is the same thing, but w/ proprietary bits removed. it still has firefox sync support tho, which is cool.

turns out, it is kinda true: the black color is #000000 in pico-8 and #020408 in exported images.

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wow, even the pico-8 subreddit has the wrong version of the pico-8 palette. theirs is even wronger than mine...

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turns out i had a slightly wrong version of the pico-8 palette for quite some time

is it just me or 's export spritesheet has a slightly different palette than the actual pico-8?

i at first thought it was just a remaster of some old cartoon, until i saw that they were in a japanese sushi restaurant


This is classic Tom and Jerry for me. Violence at it's finest


ru pol 

fact: i'm very much a cuddle slut. also regular slut.

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