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seems like an interesting fork of ... i like how it doesn't have the 5 tab limit.

but really, a feature both should have is: if you have removed the local or federated timeline from the tab list, an option to view it should appear in the sidebar menu instead.

this literally happens like once a month 

@violet same (also i'm not hot)

@DPSsys > ram vend duo
gonna find a friend and sell random access memory to people together

looks like a pretty neat piece of software in progress: an activityhub-based VK-like social network, complete with public groups apparently...

@Jo when i see the word "trainers", i still first think of the little warez scene cheating tools that folks added to old games

turns out you can just change the font in by replacing the ~/termux/font.ttf file...

puzzle game emoji chart 



@dexiheart @zkat i think at that time rick berman was already in charge of star trek, and he for some reason thought that adding any gay characters or relationships or plots into trek would be too alienating for viewers

i like how my friends are cute and lovely people <3

the only reason to use i18n and l10n is to avoid fights between whether these words should be spelled with "-sation" or "-zation"

turns out "k8" both sounds like "kate" and is a valid abbreviation for "katherine"

fact sphere quotes 

@violet i at first thought "what?", then realized that (presumably) zero is less than 4%

puzzle game emoji chart 



puzzle game emoji chart 



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